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IB Transdisciplinary Skills

The IB Primary Years Program Transdisciplinary Skills – “Tools for Learning “

Through the Primary Years Program, students are introduced to and apply a universal set of skills that are valuable for all their learning within the classroom and in life outside of school. These skills are called “transdisciplinary” because they are like multipurpose tools that can be used by students across all subject areas (disciplines) to be successful learners.

From Preschool – 5th grade, teachers help students learn how to use the following broad skills from their learning “toolboxes”:

• Thinking Skills
• Social Skills
• Communication Skills
• Self-Management Skills
• Research Skills

A further description of the supporting skills that each of these skills encompass can be found included with your child’s quarterly report card.

Daily opportunities are provided at school for students to practice using the transdisciplinary skills and to reflect on how they are applying them to their learning. Parents can support student use of these skills outside of school by referring to them with their children at home and in the community. As with any tool, the more purposeful, guided opportunities we have to use it, the more skilled we become in its use!


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