an IB World School

an IB World School


Young Rembrandts

Thursday, 2:55 till 4pm  Fall Session Sept 16, 2021-Dec 16, 2021.

Class will meet in the art room after school.

Parents pick up at front of school

Meets in the Library Wednesday, 3:00-4:00  Fall Session Sept 28-Dec. 8

Lego Club

Meets Tuesday 3:00-4:25  Fall Session Tue Sept 14-Nov 2

Chess Wizards

Meets Wednesday 3:00-4:00  Fall session Sept 29-Dec 8

In library

Science Matters

Meets Monday for 5 weeks per session.  3:00-4:00  Check with CLPE Office regarding dates of classes and registration.  970-488-7600


Instructor:  Melissa Flail

Choir is on hold until further notice.

For students in grades 3 - 5. 

Modern Band

Instructor:  Melissa Flail

Grades 3 - 5

Modern Band may start in the spring 2022.  Dates TBD.

GASP-Girls Advancing Science and Physics-Grades 3-5

Usually starts in the spring.  Dates vary-check with CLPE Office.  970-488-7600.