Cache La Poudre Elementary

Main Hours:8:55am-3:40pm
Phone: 970-488-7600 Fax: 970-488-7676 Attendance Line: 970-490-3070
3511 W. County Rd. 54 G La Porte CO 80535

Why Choose CLPE?


Check out all the awesome things people are saying about CLPE!

“I like your discipline structure and the small classrooms.  My son improved so much, when I move it will be closer to your school.”

“My children have traveled the world, and experienced many schools because of my husband’s military career.  CLPE is truly one of the best schools.  The teachers and staff are caring, friendly, and always helpful.  It’s a great small school, where no child gets lost in the crowd.  For a parent, it’s so nice when your child gets out of the car in the morning to be welcomed by name, from a teacher or the principal.  My son can’t ride the bus because he is “school of choice” so I drive him every day, but to me it’s a drive worth taking.”

“Good teacher to student ratio, great location with access to the nature center, small-town environment”

“We attended two core-knowledge schools, and a closer school to our residence as well as CLPE orientations.  We were immediately comfortable at CLPE.  We felt “at home” and could tell that the staff would be a good fit for our children and their learning styles.  They seemed in-tune immediately, and we felt at ease and confident we have chosen well.  We have been pleased with that choice ever since.  CLPE is a truly special place to be!”

“Small school, teacher ratio, location is key.  Education is focused and precise.  Country feeling with excellent values taught.”

“I love the teachers and staff the most.  Because everyone in the building knows just about every kid.  It’s a great comfort.”

“We love CLPE because of its close proximity to our jobs, OM, for the relatively small class sizes, the laid-back atmosphere (attitude of staff/parents), but mostly for the great experience we have had so far (1st and 2nd) with teachers!”

“I like the “hometown” feeling of CLPE.  The teachers are great and the location serves us out of Fort Collins people.”

“It is a close knit community, teacher retention is high, small classes, beautiful location, nice facilities inside/out.”

“We like the location, the teachers, the education and we especially like the friendly atmosphere.”

“The feel of the school is small and personal, like a close community.  It is the center of La Porte and a gathering place for many of the students from small non-urban communities.”


“At the elementary school I have found the teachers to be truly concerned about the children’s progress and willing to provide extra services to keep those that might other wise fall behind on track.  I greatly appreciate that there is a caring counselor at the school and have watched her respond not only to times of crisis, but also lay a firm foundation for all student’s coping skills.  The art, music, and physical education further assist in making a CLPE graduate a well-rounded individual.”


“My husband and I chose to “school of choice” our son out to CLPE because of the smaller school atmosphere, smaller class size and all around feel of the school.  We love the country, community feel that CLPE has!”


“You utilize the natural and agricultural areas close by for learning (river, farms, etc.)”


“I like everything about the school.”


“The emphasis on character formation and teaching kids character now helps them be better citizens and students as they grow up.  The teachers are very good, and I feel welcome and involved in the school.”


“Location-La Porte, the Poudre River, Mountains, Orchards, Bike Trail; Summer library program-keeps children interested in school and reading during summer.  Chili cook-off/silent auction fund raiser-fun for all.  Teachers-excellent staff. I’m a Pirate from way back!”


“Teachers are very helpful and caring for all children.  They challenge all children to go beyond the books to improve their minds and ability.”


“CLPE has always been a great school for us in every way.  We’ve had a child or children in the school for the past fourteen years.  The staff has always provided a safe and effective learning environment.”


“The CLPE environment is a low stress learning arena in a very old and laid back community.  The classroom sizes are manageable which add to the reduced stress learning atmosphere.  The La Port agriculture and residential community was built around this school and is the main reason that I moved my family to the area.  I receive a “village” feel instead of a big city “mean machine” attitude where the faculty is striving to stay one step ahead of failure.  My kids are able to thrive in this well balanced, long evolving, well maintained system that includes kids from all walks of life achieving the same high standards of education without distractions.  Also, one of my favorite attractions to CLPE is the longevity and qualifications of the teaching staff.  ¾ of the teachers have tenure.  Most of the teachers have taught there for at least 10 years- and many have taught for even more than that.  The school consistently scores better than PSD averages for student testing and is a very highly competitive school. It’s a gem that few Fort Collins residents seem to know about and here in LaPorte, we like autonomy!”


“We like the location of the school as it is close to where we live and in a rural setting with lots of open space around the grounds and natural light within the building.  We like the sense of community the school creates and that it draws from a diverse population.  We like that most of the teachers have been at CLPE for many years, collaborate with each other, communicate with parents regularly, and continue to advance their own education.  Most importantly, teachers and staff are dedicated to giving the kids a well rounded experience, by applying theory in childhood development while prioritizing academic achievement.  We like to see this balance within our child’s elementary education as we hope it will create a fun and relaxed atmosphere, a love of learning, and both intellectual and social preparedness for more challenging years ahead.”


“Location is the most important part in my opinion.  It is the center of our community and is great for people with multiple siblings to have the middle school right next door.”


“-We like the elementary/middle school campus being together.

 -Being on the river offers learning opportunities and a beautiful environment.

 -Teachers are caring and responsive to the children’s educational needs yet recognize that children need balance in their lives and don’t overload them with homework.

 -Teachers are also obviously highly qualified and very dedicated to their profession.  They work well with children with learning and behavior problems.  They are willing to differentiate instruction when necessary.”


Some student responses.....



 "Everyone is respectful and there aren't any bullies...."


"CLPE is good because students are nice to each other."


"What makes CLPE fun is that they try to make all the students accomplish what the lesson is or what they should know at the end of the year."


 "CLPE is a great school because the teachers are nice."