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Pamela Sky

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(970) 488-7614
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About Me
What I love about being an educator...: 

CLPE is a fantastic school full of fun and talented teachers and staff, who love each other and all the children, stupendous students, and the most gorgeous outdoor classroom anywhere!

Interests and hobbies...: 

I love to be active and my running shoes are my favorite! I take pictures and scrapbook, I paint, build, and garden. I do like to read, and I prefer a happy ending.

I consider my teaching career a significant part of my life and enjoy it with all my heart!

Favorite Book and why...: 

There are so many wondeful books in the world I cannot select just one, so here is my top ten no particular order...Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse, Alexander and the Terible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, Where The

Sidewalk Ends, Charlotte's Web, Skippyjon Jones, Harry Potter, Pride and Predjudice, Twilight, Yawn, A Tale of Two Cities.  

(ok, I know it is really a top 11 far...I will probably remember some more!!!) Books ROCK!!!

Something most people do not know about me...: 

I have hugged a King Penguin and fed a baby walrus with a bottle.

I have held a Panamanian Golden Frog

I love fingerpainting and glitter.

My Classroom
What Makes CLPE Special: 

I am thrilled that CLPE is an authorized IB school! In my classroom we learn and live the IB learner profile as we are thinkers, risk-takers, caring, knowledgeable and so much more! Children love to learn in a colorful, friendly, and interactive room where their questions and wonderings help drive topics of learning. In this classroom we work as a team, we love to be in the middle of projects, we make great choices, we read and read and read, since books are awesome! We see ourselves as fantastic authors and make time to write everyday! Inquiry is a huge part of our learning and we increase our knowlege of the world around us through group investigation. Did I mention science...third graders have the unique opportunity to dive into many scientific topics like water, matter, earth materials, and life science. We do this through group work, developing rich questioning techniques, reading and using technology. This classroom is child-centered and we all enjoy coming in to school to work together!!!

About my IB classroom...: 

Parents and children have said that they feel welcomed as they enter my classroom. That it is a colorful, cheerful, and learning-filled place. That is a personal goal of mine, so yeah! Although I have been teaching for many years, I still love the process of developing meaningful lessons, delivering information in an engaging way, and encouraging kids to be inquirers and to utilize their natural curiosity! As you observe, you will see children engaged in their learning. They take the time to wonder about the topics they are involved in and we practice reflecting on our learning. CLPE is on the brink of being recognized as an IB World school. Along those lines you will see IB attitudes and the IB learner profile prominently displayed. Children take an even more active role in their learning and lessons are organized into "planners," around 6 major transdisciplinary themes. Please take a look at our school wide "Programme of Inquiry" featured in our front gallery. In addition, children know that they are important here. Children know that they can ask questions, wonder about concepts, raise their hands with an answer, experience new things, and gain the vital knowledge and confidence that they will need to succeed in school and life. We strive to become a strong team of learners. We work in small groups. We work at stations, we work outside in the Secret Garden. We are a cohesive community working together to make the classroom environment run smoothly. As a teacher I promote challenging, and attainable educational goals. As learners, students must take responsibility for their involvement and learning of concepts. We are currently using Poudre School District's curriculum, "Everyday Math" and for literacy "Treasures." Each and every child is encouraged to grow in their ability to read and write. Strong instruction is given  to accommodate each reading level. There is an intervention and enrichment time built into the day where each child can be challenged and have their skills strengthened. Writing is also a key component of third grade and we dive into an IB planner teaching children to write in many different genres. There are 6 separate planners that cover the curriculum and include the Common Core and state standards. Third grade is an extremely important transitional year when we start to use "Day Planners" to keep us organized, we have skill- strengthening homework, children take more responsibility for their learning, and it is the first year that we take a high-stakes standardized test. Overall, third grade is an exciting and engaging place to be. I am thrilled to have each and every student walk through my door into the adventure that awaits.