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Ann Lawler Perry

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About Me
What I love about being an educator...: 

I have been a teacher for 30 years and I have spent 21 of those years here at CLPE.  I believe that teaching students proactively will help them handle the challenges of academics, relationships, and careers in the future.  I have loved every moment of my career because guiding children to learn is fun, exciting, fulfilling and a large part of what makes me, me.  Whenever I'm asked to tell about myself, I always start my answer with, "I'm a teacher!"   It is a blessing to build relationships with students, watch them learn and grow, and then teach their children.  Yup, I am hold enough to be a grand-teacher.   

Interests and hobbies...: 

I really enjoy living up in Glacier View with my husband Jim and my yellow lab Petey.   I like to bake, hike, garden and watch the sunrise and set.  I spend a lot of my time taking pictures of the wildlife and the view from my deck.  

Favorite Book and why...: 

My favorite book is Lord of the Rings because the story and characters got me through a rough time in High School.  I learned how to use reading to find peace and escape.

Something most people do not know about me...: 

I have a minor in dance and I was a disco dance teacher a long, long time ago!

My Classroom
What Makes CLPE Special: 

I am very proud to be a teacher at Cache La Poudre Elementary (CLPE).   CLPE is located near the Cache La Poudre River and within walking distance of Lyons Park.   This gives us access to a very large and very beautiful nature area.  The school is a large part of the La Porte Community and the community takes a great interest in the activities and needs of the school.  CLPE was established in 1913 and we have families in the area that have attended CLPE for four generations.

CLPE’s school climate has a reputation for being friendly, accepting, and most of all child centered.  The staff never wants to leave because of the warmth and collegiality of the people that work there.  Teachers don’t stay here because it’s easy but because there they can be effective.  We laugh and have fun together and we cry and support each other. We are a family.  Everyone’s philosophy, at our school, puts students first and this is reflected in every decision we make as a staff.

About my IB classroom...: 

I have the great opportunity of teaching my guidance lessons within the IB classrooms of all grade levels here at CLPE.  I teach the IB attitudes along with lessons on friendship, conflict resolution, and anti-bullying strategies.  I also teach about the brain and strategies that help students use their brain more efficiently to enhance learning.  It has been wonderful to watch and learn from the students as they use inquiry and risk-taking to discover important social and academic skills that will benefit them in their future.