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CLPE's 5th Grade Philanthropy Fair

Our 5th graders worked hard at planning and preparing for CLPE's first Philanthropy Fair that occurred on Saturday, May 9th. This work included researching local non-profits and the issues they support, writing emails, making phone calls, and writing proposals. This student-organized fair is part of our Exhibition Program. Some of the kids were seeking donations for local organizations, while some organized activities that support an organization's mission.

At the fair, there were tables for collecting donations and posters where the kids could inform the public of what they had been doing to help their chosen organization.

Some of the results from our Philanthropy Fair include:

  •     ​$109 dollars, 18 cans of food, 4 cat beds,and 3 bags of cleaning and household supplies are going to the Fort Collins Cat Rescue and Spay/Neuter Clinic;
  •     5 large garbage bags filled with gently used clothes for Crossroads Safehouse;
  •     $102 dollars for Stand Up to Cancer;
  •     $200 worth of fresh fruits, vegetables, milk, eggs, and coffee went to the Fort Collins Rescue Mission;
  •     22 milkweed plants and 72 milkweed seed packets were distributed so community members could create Monarch butterfly habitats;
  •     15 various household items and $6 dollars were donated to give to Habitat for Humanity;
  •     $10 and 13 rolls of paper towels to the Rocky Mountain Raptor Program;
  •     $24 to Charis Youth Ranch;
  •     $10, 3 bags of plastic cups, a case of bottled water, and board games to Good Samaritan;
  •     5 boxes of children's books, 2 puzzles, a board game and sports equipment to Foothills Gateway;
  •     $60 dollars to Virginia Dale Community Club;
  •     $29 dollars, 60 pounds of dog food, 4 jars of peanut butter, 2 blankets, and 4 Kong Dog Toys to Animal House;
  •     $50 dollars, 6 pounds of peanut butter and dog treats, and 10 hours of volunteering to the Larimer Humane Society;
  •     2 large trash bags full of clothes for CLPE clothing needs; and
  •     1 box of food to NOCO Hockey and $11 to Peanuts' Place Pit Bull Rescue.

However, philanthropy is not just about giving money and supplies,  it's about giving one's time or talent to help someone else. Many children's activities were about sharing their talents or time for others. These groups were represented at the fair also. Some of these activities were:

  •     Emails were sent to 7 regional seafood restaurants to remind them to not buy and serve endangered fish;
  •     A 3-day soccer camp was held for CLPE Kindergarteners;
  •     1 hour of time spent cleaning up the Poudre River;
  •     4-day football, fitness, and healthy food camp was planned;
  •     A Conservation Calendar (similar to the 5210 calendar) was promoted at CLPE;
  •     2 hours a week of volunteering at Spring Creek Gardens;
  •     A spring clean-up day was coordinated at CLPE during lunch;
  •     5 hours spent cleaning up after games at NOCO Hockey;
  •     Children will spend 1 hour per week of volunteering and they coordinated an end-of-year fund-raising party for Team Fort Collins; and
  •     A "Mix-It-Up" lunch was coordinated to help children make new friends at CLPE.

​ Every community member who attended the fair was given the opportunity to learn about the children's philanthropic activities and the organizations they were supporting.

Megan Streetman from Fort Collins Cat Rescue visited the 5th Grade Fair
Megan Streetman from Fort Collins Cat Rescue visited the 5th Grade Fair